Don't Call Me Pro-Life: Call Me Abortion Abolitionist


Why am I not pro-life? The pro-life movement has become the single most powerful impediment to abolishing legalized abortion, that's why. For 38 years the pro-life movement has claimed to be determined to defend unborn babies slated to be aborted, yet the pro-life movement's most consistent contribution to American life has been, and still is, to prepare YOU to accept the slaughter, the legalized child sacrifice, of over one million additional babies NEXT YEAR!

Any movement that has as its most obvious effect in a society the conditioning of that society to ACCEPT--to TOLERATE--the slaughter of the people it ostensibly is trying to PROTECT is the very antithesis of a protector. Instead of protecting the unborn babies, the pro-life movement is the very bedrock foundation of the laws that perpetuate the legalized slaughter of the unborn babies. That's why the pro-life movement has to be replaced with abortion abolitionists like me.

I am running for Governor of Georgia to nullify the evil federal abortion laws in the State of Georgia and to show every person in every other State how to nullify them in their State. Any person and any thing that stands in the way of my coming to the office of Magistrate is the enemy of those babies.

No one on this planet is in a better position than myself to determine that which is opposed to me. And I can say with absolute certainty that the pro-life movement, and people who call themselves pro-life, are the greatest single obstacle I have to overcome to be elected Governor of the State of Georgia and obtain access to an office that will allow me to lead the nullification of abortion laws in this State and this nation.

If you want proof of my assertions, watch this short youtube video where a Georgia Pro-lifer does everything in her power to stop me from telling the truth about abortion in Georgia.

Lest you think this is the unverifiable prattling of an insane old man, read the linked article that provides complete documentation that PROVES to any reasonable mind (if there is such a thing in this nation) the accusations I make against the pro-life movement, and pro-life leaders and pro-life followers: Why Legalized Abortion Continues In America.

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