All You Need To Know About Neal Horsley And His Anti-Abortion Politics

All You Need To Know About Neal Horsley And His Anti-Abortion Politics

Posted by on Apr 11, 2016 in Anti-Abortion, Neal Horsley, Politics

All You Need To Know About Neal Horsley And His Anti-Abortion Politics

Even if you have never heard of Neal Horsley, you are probably familiar with a notorious website called “Nuremberg Files” and there is a pretty big chance that you know what this website was about. Well, Horsley was the founding father of the website and he was the main editor, which means that he was in charge of publishing the content. However, his public career involved some other elements, and he will be remembered for some very unusual and eccentric statements.

Otis O’Neal Horsley was born in Georgia in 1944 and he died in the same state in 2015, on April 13th. He belonged to the Republican party, or to be precise – to The Creator’s Rights Party while his religious views belonged to the group that calls themselves the Christian Reconstructionists. But, Horsley was not always like that, and his personality went through some extreme phases before entering into this religious-fanatic phase, which is no less extreme than the others.

He spent four years serving in Air Force in Vietnam, which certainly had a strong impact on his young mind. When he came back, he immediately went to San Francisco where he heavily indulged in marijuana and other illegal substances. But, somehow he managed to free himself from the vice and he had an epiphany, as he said, which brought him back to the world of faith and Jesus.

However, he took a strong anti-abortion attitude, and he was also a fierce opponent of the gay community and even had some anti-Semitic and racist elements in his public speeches. He was very active on the local political scene, but his two attempts to become a governor in Georgia failed. Horsley tried first during the elections in 1997, and the tried again in 2010.

His campaigns were unsuccessful mostly because of his aggressive politics, but also because of some scandals and public incidents, such as his confession of bestiality. This happened in 2005 when he attended a radio show and openly discussed an  “intercourse” he had with a mule while being an adolescent on his parents farm. With a confession like that, it was hard to expect that Neal Horsley could ever become a governor, but his will and motivation was so strong that he simply had to give it another go.

As we said in the beginning, his most famous legacy is the list of files that were once located in his website, the “Nuremberg Files”. This site was taken down after an official ruling by the High Court, but the information was preserved on other servers and online locations, which means that his tactics still work and haunt people in the United States. The files contained a lot of personal information and contact details about abortion providers all over the country, and all of them were presented as targets for assassination. Horsley’s militant anti-abortion campaign even took a couple of lives, but who knows how many people would have died if some fanatic decided to follow the complete lists.

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