HOW Neal Horsley’s Anti-Abortion Tactics Still Live On

HOW Neal Horsley’s Anti-Abortion Tactics Still Live On

Posted by on Apr 11, 2016 in Anti-Abortion, Neal Horsley, Politics

HOW Neal Horsley’s Anti-Abortion Tactics Still Live On

Most people decide to follow one set of religious rules or the other, but not a lot of them become famous and perhaps notorious because they followed these codes. Extremists are mostly “outcasts” in our society and they live somewhere on the edge of the public sphere and they rarely make it to the big news. However, when a member of the Christian Reconstructionist Church attempts to become a governor – then you realize that everything is possible and that life has many surprises in store for us.

Otis O’Neal Horsley died last year in April, but his name and legacy still manage to confuse and even excite political analysts, because most of them find it hard to understand how a man of such a reputation and such moral and world views managed to go on two elections and become a well-known public person. Although both of his attempts of becoming a governor in Georgia, which happened in 1997 and 2010 respectively, were unsuccessful, his other activities caused more commotion and his name appeared in many news articles and even television shows.

What attracted the biggest attention were not his views and comments about global politics or some international incident, but his unorthodox comments and statements about his personal life and, of course, his extreme views on abortion and gay people’s rights. For example, one of his most controversial statements came in 2005 when Horsley admitted to Alan Colmes during a radio interview that he participated in a bestiality act, i.e. while he was growing up on his parent’s farm in Georgia he had sex with a mule! To make things even worse, he acted like it was a perfectly normal thing and like everyone else has done it while they were, as he sad “foolish”.

Besides the scandal with a mule, Horsley came into the spotlight once again when he created a notorious website called “Nuremberg Files”, and this site was a part of many discussions and even lawsuits. The controversial website contained files that were calling for violence, and this was directly connected with Horsley’s militant anti-abortion views.

He was a Republican, a member of The Creator’s Rights Party and his extreme views on abortion and “faggots who will burn in hell” were mostly condemned but he did manage to gather a pretty large number of followers. “Nuremberg Files” was a website that posted information about abortion providers across the country, but they were not presented in a positive, advertising light but more like targets for assassination. The site contained pictures, addresses, phone numbers, names of family members, their dates of birth and many other kinds of private information. Because of its involvement in High Court trial, the site was closed down but the files were moved to other servers and they can still be found on the global network.

The basic idea behind this website was to intimidate and scare people away from performing abortions, but some extremists have also found the list appropriate for actual violence and there were few murders associated with these files. This is the negative side of Horsley’s legacy and his tactics of fighting with abortionists are still present in the world.

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