The Most Important Aspects Of Neal Horsley’s Politics

The Most Important Aspects Of Neal Horsley’s Politics

Posted by on Apr 11, 2016 in Anti-Abortion, Neal Horsley, Politics

The Most Important Aspects Of Neal Horsley’s Politics

There are many interesting characters on our political scene, and that is the way things have always been. Some make us laugh, other make us angry, but we only remember those who had some special and unique feature about them, and only if they stand out with something can they actually become popular. One such politician came from Georgia and his unique characteristics made him stand out even a bit too much. His statements were eccentric and even completely bizarre while his political views and public speeches demonstrated militant extremism. His name was Neal Horsley and if you haven’t heard that name then you probably know his notorious website called “Nuremberg Files”.

He was born as Otis O’Neal Horsley in Georgia on April 15th, 1944 and spent most of his life in the area. However, he did spend some part of his life away and those moments marked him and completely changed his perspective on life. For instance, he served four years in the Air Force in Vietnam, where he witnessed horrible scenes which scarred his young mind. After the war, Horsley went to San Francisco where he began experimenting with marijuana and some other illegal substances, up until the moment he had an epiphany, which made him “find God” and he was slowly changed into a fanatic Christian believer.

He belonged to Christian Reconstructionists while his political party was called The Creator’s Rights Party. With his strong personality and even aggressive propaganda, he began fighting things that were deemed sinful by his church, such as abortion, homosexuality, black people, Jews and so on. Horsley wanted from the state of Georgia to secede and become independent, which would enable it to become clean of those “sinful occurrences”. However, those were not his most controversial statements, not by far.

For example, in 2005 during a radio show, he confessed that during his adolescent years while he was living on his parents farm he had a sexual intercourse with a mule! He openly admitted of bestiality and even claimed that such behavior was normal in that age and that he was “foolish” just like anybody else. This scandal was perhaps the reason why failed in his candidacy to become a governor in 2010, although he did fail on one previous occasion – in 1997.

However, Horsley’s most “popular” work was his website – “Nuremberg Files”. This website counted names, pictures, addresses, phone numbers and many other kinds of personal information of around 200 abortion providers from across the United States. They were listed on this website in a very ominous manner, and some of them were even killed by extreme fanatics and followers of Horsley’s views. The militant anti-abortion campaign had many opponents, including the High Court where judges ordered that the site is taken down. However, the files have been transferred to other servers and other locations and they still haunt medical workers who provide abortions, even through Neal Horsley died at the age of 70 on April 13th, 2015.

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